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Fence Alert


Simply clip the FenceAlert to your electric fencing wire,rope or tape and when there is a low fence voltage it will notify you by flashing.


  • Light flashes when low or intermittent voltages are detected.
  • Ideal for placing wherever electric fences are used.
  • Choice of two low voltage trigger levels.
  • Up to 5 years battery life.
  • No ground lead required.
  • Can be seen from up to 1 mile.

The FenceAlert is a simple and effective electric fencing indicator that starts working when your fence stops.

The FenceAlert will work with all pulsed energisers.

Just switch on the FenceAlert and clip onto your electric fencing wire, rope or tape and if/when there is low fence voltage the FenceAlerts light will start to flash.

To test the fence alert, unclip from the electric fence, or turn off the energiser.

The FenceAlert should flash within 10 seconds. If the light is dim or the FenceAlert does not flash, then replace the Lithium CR2032 battery.


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